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Mall Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Thank you for choosing Northlake Mall as your destination for great food, shopping, and entertainment. It is our desire to provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience. We ask that our guests conduct themselves in a respectful manner in accordance with the Code of Conduct and all laws and local ordinances.


  1. Appropriate clothing is required. Wearing apparel that obscures or conceals the face, including but not limited to hoods/hoodies, masks and/or apparel that may provoke a disturbance or incite violence is prohibited. This provision does not apply to clothing, masks or other apparatuses worn for cultural, religious, or medical reasons. 

  2. No running, skateboarding, rollerblading, or other similar activities. 

  3. No excessive or disruptive noises such as yelling or loud music. 

  4. No riding of wheeled and/or motorized vehicles/devices, except by persons with mobility impairments as permitted by the shopping center’s rules an d regulations. 

  5. Fighting, threatening comments and/or gestures, obscene language and/or gestures, or racial, religious, or ethnic slurs that are disruptive or may cause a disturbance are strictly prohibited. 

  6. Weapons are strictly prohibited including but not limited to all firearms, knives, or any other object(s) that may be used in any way to inflict bodily injury on another person.  

  7. Open containers of any alcoholic beverage are prohibited, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol. 

  8. No photography or videography of any kind for commercial use without prior consent of the shopping center management. Videos and photos are acceptable for non-commercial and non-disruptive purposes.

  9. No littering, defacing, damaging, or destruction of property.

  10. Engaging in noncommercial expressive activity not sponsored by the shopping center and/or an enterprise engaged in business at the shopping center is prohibited. 

  11. No solicitation, except with the prior written agreement of the management of the shopping center.

  12. No pets or other animals, with the exception of service animals.

  13. Smoking is prohibited, except in designed smoking areas. 

  14. No loitering; blocking storefronts, fire exits, stairs, or escalators; obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 

  15. Use of transmitters, radars, lasers, beacons, cellular triangulation, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, magnetic or barometric technologies, or geographic information systems of any kind to capture geographic location or spatial data for commercial use is prohibited.


Persons who violate this Code of Conduct may be banned from the property or subject to arrest. The shopping center, including its parking area, is private property and expressly retains the right to revise or modify these rules, as necessary. Any exceptions to this code of conduct will be determined by local center management in its sole discretion.

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